Friday, 16 March 2012

Work In Progress




Alamak. So much homework to do.

Oh, well, at least it will keep me away from 9Gag and Tetris. :P

Yes, it's almost the end of Day 6 of the 21Day Challenge. :')

I'm not dead. Yet. Must survive.

Just a random post. :P

Work in progress.
Wonder if I will survive the weekend with my sanity intact.

Hmmmm. SPM results are out on Wednesday.  Let the anxiety begin! Hopefully not. Pfffffttt.

Gotta control feelings.....gotta control it.

Monday, 12 March 2012



People change.
Or do they?

It's easy saying that you will change for the better but the thing is, can you really do it?
Walk the talk or just talk?

Yeah, sure, you start assessing yourself, finding out the departments which drag you down, identify the flaws, draft up a plan to fix it and at the same time, receive an adrenaline rush prompting you to believe that it is possible.

But is it?
What was once inspiration morphs into desperation.
Suddenly, everything that you plan either begins to crumble or seem too impossible, heavy to carry on.

Change is tough.
Everything gets put to the test.

God, please give me the strength to make this possible.
It's tough but I won't give up. :')

Ah, sleep awaits.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The 21 Day Challenge - Tetris Battle and 9Gag - Day 1

'It takes 3 days to inoculate a bad habit but forever to inoculate a good one,' -Anonymous

Likewise, it takes 3 days to forget a good habit and nearly 'forever' to forget a bad one.

Most, if not, some have heard about the 21 day rule to create or break a habit.

For example, it requires 21 days of non-stop jogging to assimilate that good habit into your lifestyle.
However, breaking that habit is easy compared to the bad one.
It just makes you wonder doesn't it?

As a result, the next 21 days would prove to be a major test on whether you have the required willpower to make or break the habit.

Some people fail in doing so as the required motivation is not there to fully help them through their testing times.
Others, on the other hand, fail because they don't have friends or people to constantly encourage them or keep them away from the thing they crave the most during the 21 day period.

It's like drugs.
A junkie might renounce their habits but only to fail because no one was there to prevent them from the drugs.
The mind plays tricks on you when you are desperate and it is up to other people to prevent you from making the same mistake.
It's like human nature.

Hence, this leads to my next posting.
My own 21-day challenge.

To rid myself of Tetris Battle and more importantly, 9GAG.

Reason : Wastage of valuable studying time and a lot of my nerves.

Support : You guys! Just pop a random question on whether I have kept to my challenge anytime! It would sincerely help a lot.

Will be updating in regular 5 day intervals.

Here's to a successful challenge!

On a final note, what about you?
Do you have a good habit you want to inoculate?
Or, perhaps a bad habit you always wanted to get rid of?

Think about it.
Start living it now! :D

Friday, 9 March 2012

Bless the Broken Road

Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts (link to song)

Belting into my ears, a dash of country tune-ish song, Bless The Broken Road, slowly radiated through my thick skull, kicking me into a deep-thinking gear as I ironed on my continued efforts at jogging.

Boy, it's been awhile since I have done that, the thinking, not the jogging. Wait, actually, it's both, but more focused to the thinking aspect. :P

That God bless the broken road and let me straight to you. 

Now, allow me to stop you right there. Please, pay less attention to the 'and let me straight to you' part.
No, this is not a lovey-dovey post, it's more to what will happen next if you would allow me to go on with YOUR MIND still neutral and not engaged in an 'Aik-Aik' / 'Emo' ....etc mode.

Now, that we have cleared that, hopefully, you may proceed to the next section. :)

That God bless the broken road

The broken road...

Being human beings, we tend to complain, directly or indirectly, about our lives too much and almost, all the time!

BRAIN, Y U.........



Sound familiar?
No matter where we are, who we are or what we do, there will always be something that we will complain or get depressed about.
And who gets the blame always?

When all seems to fall apart, piece by piece, or chunk by chunk, most of us would respond in a negative way, blaming God among other things.

Yet, the question is, should we?

If I were to place a glass of water in front of you, how would you describe it?

A glass half-empty?
A glass half-filled?

Well, frankly, most people would say the first.
Modern society has been influenced too much by negativity these days, condemning, influencing people to the dark  pessimistic side.

Why should we?
Why choose a path of probable sorrow and pain?

Why not choose the glass half-filled?
There's always a silver lining behind every cloud.

It's just up to us to open our eyes and see it.

Bad results? - God is telling you to work harder and stop slacking!
Internet down? - God is telling you to spend more time in the real life and with real family and friends?
Broke up? - God is telling you that there is someone better that He has planned for YOU.
Scolded by people, especially elders? - God is telling you to change for the better.

A broken road? - God is moulding a better life for you,

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true

That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you
Yes He did

You see, there is no such thing as mistakes.
These so-called 'mistakes' are just stepping stones God had planned to further strengthen and mature you.

And yeah, maybe, who knows, He is also leading you to the perfect one in the process? :P

So, if something bad happens to you next, just stop right there, don't curse but think.

What could God be telling me?

                                             Credits : Google Images

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I will be back!

No, I am not dead. Yet.

No, this ain't the end of my blogging. For now.

But most importantly, no, this 'temporary abandoned blog' has nothing to do with A-Levels and my serious procrastination problems, that is, should you choose to believe it :P

But yes, I will be back.
Seemingly possible.
So close.

In the process of renovating the blog :P
(Layout has changed and hopefully, it will be the start of something new)


So, in the words of Arnold from Terminator (Forgot how to spell the Sw....something something)


If I survive that long. :P Nah, jk. :D

Saturday, 7 January 2012

One Door Closes, Another Door Opens


Today is my last day of internship. 

I pack my stuff and stop intermittently,
As the flashbacks keep hitting me repeatedly,
So much stuff have happened from December to January,
*Sighs* If only I can extend it to February,
Much have I learnt in 4 weeks,
Enough to make my old self squeak,
From the assignments to the Prestige,
To the taxis and the scary peeps,
But without you guys will this journey be complete,
Thanks for the memories and wacky moments,
Told ya I was not that bonkers!

Thanks for making my life more wonderful. Love all of you to bits! :')

Dedicated to the most awesome Starstruck peeps! 

I.....don't want to go. I want to continue giving coins to pay the RM 100 over bill. I want to continue interviewing book authors. I want to continue staring at the scary taxi meter that makes my heart skip a beat. I want to continue to buy all the Minute Maids with my vouchers. I want to continue waking up my room-mates and catch the bus before it is too late. I want to continue haggling the workstations and computers. I want to continue doing 'intense researching' and constant Tweeting. I want to continue asking reporters and seniors for work. I want to continue ambushing random strangers for quotes. I want to continue eating mamak and figure out how to watch my stomach. I want to continue stressing over deadlines and assignments. I want to continue blasting Friday and A Thousand Years with everyone. I want to continue acting weird/awkward/wacky/not-wacky during work and off work. I want to continue sharing the LOL moments and endless gossiping about people. I want to revisit Pahang and 8 Acres. I want to continue getting kicked out from Parliment for not wearing the proper attire. I want to continue hanging out with my Starstruck mates and relatives in KL. I want to continue .....

I don't want this internship to end.

Pics soon to come! :P


Monday, 26 December 2011

Important Update

*breaks away from the claws of reality and internship*

Everyone, listen up! I don't have much time to share this. They are tracking me down as I blog, so here it goes.
A new dawn beckons ahead for each and all of us - something that will change our lives forever, for good or for worse.

This involves EVERYONE. No one is spared from it. Everyone is involved in this 'conspiracy' throughout the globe.

People everywhere are invading shopping malls and splurging all their money on stuff that will be wrapped in fancy papers and ribbons.

These fancy gifts will then exchange owners and pass on the conspiracy spirit from one person to another.

Accompanying these gifts, are smiles and ushers of 'Merry Christmas!'


For children, Christmas is in the shape of a jolly big red guy coming down from the rooftops, armed with gifts.
For Christians, Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
For most peeps, Christmas is synonymous with presents and dinners.

Yet, Christmas is actually about the spirit of receiving and giving things, mainly giving. It is a time for us to pledge and GIVE help to those who are in need of it. Let's show the universe how caring and considerate Earthlings can be! Don't we all want to live in a world saturated with peace, love and care? A world devoid of hatred, selfishness and bad things.

Being nice is better than being naughty right? :)

Anyway, Christmas is also the time for seeking forgiveness and forgiving too. Everyone makes mistakes. No matter how painful, shocking or bad it maybe, to forgive is the mark of a true gentleman and lady.

Why keep the grudge and waste time on it when you can rekindle that lost friendship, family ties and make your time on Earth much more memorable?

You only live once. Have no regrets.

ARGGGHHHH. I got to disappear. They found me.
Merry Christmas everyone!

                                                                 Credits Goggle Images